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Age Of Machines Not Far Claims Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed that computers with human like intelligence were not so far as everyone thought they were.

Speaking during a business meet in Australia, Wozniak predicted that in his lifetime he would see computers with artificial intelligence.

He said to a bewildered crowd that humans had set to create machines that make their jobs easier adding that mankind strives to come up with technology does a particular job instead of them doing it.

“Every time we create new technology we're creating stuff to do the work we used to do and we're making ourselves less meaningful, less relevant,” Wozniak said.

"Why are we going to need ourselves so much in the future? We're just going to have the easy life," he added.

Wozniak, who founded Apple Computers with Steve Jobs, predicted that there will come a time when machines, with human like intelligence, will be doing the work done by man while humans will be sitting at home relaxing.

“We're already creating the superior beings, I think we lost the battle to the machines long ago. We're going to become the pets, the dogs of the house." he continued.

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