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AMNews: Log-in Information Sharing Illegal In Tennessee, Orange Smart Concept For iPad 2, Acer Mock-up W4 At Computex

Lawmakers in Tennessee, known as the home of country music, have passed a new law that makes it illegal to share log-in information for Internet music or movie subscription sites. The bill, signed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, will be effective on July 1. It states that using someone else's account to access Internet movie and music subscription sites, even with the consent of the owner of the account, will be considered against the law and subsequent actions will be taken against the violator.

Apart from a microSD card that combines 8GB NAND storage and NFC features, Chinese company Netcom also presented us with a microSD card that's actually a Wi-Fi adaptor. Putting Wi-Fi capabilities into a microSD enclosure is not a novel idea. Taiwanese company Spectec announced such a card back in 2006; the SDW-823 was a 802.11b/g model but was never a success after suffering from a series of production issues and delays.

Mobile phone operator Orange has come up with the smart concept of selling the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 on a two year contract with one major advantage, the fact that you have a pooled data allowance and a single monthly contract.

Acer had a cute little mock-up handset on display at Computex, the W4, which will be its first Windows Phone 7 Smartphone, one based on Mango, the latest iteration of the Microsoft mobile platform which was unveiled last month. The hardware specs for the phone have been set by Microsoft which means that they are very much set in stone.

Creative Technology-owned, ZiiLABS announced the launch of the Jaguar family which are 7-inch and 10-inch reference designs that will enable OEMs to quickly design new tablets that are optimised for Android Honeycomb 3.1. The company says that the tablets have a modular design which allows the OEMs to customise their products to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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