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Apple Time Capsule Refresher May Launch With Lion

In what is being termed by many as Apple’s preparation to unveil the new version of Apple Time Capsule at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, the hardware supply for the device is reportedly becoming scarce with each passing day.

Time Capsule is a wireless router with an integrated hard drive that first surfaced in the market some 3 years back in 2008.

The device also features the Time Machine backup software, developed by Apple. The software can be used for making backup copies of a user’s application and settings wirelessly in the hard drive of Time Capsule.

Seth Weintraub of website 9to5mac wrote in his report, “Our sources noted that Airport Express has been plentiful but supplies of TimeCapsule and Airport Extreme have been tightening globally the way products usually do before a refresh.”

What’s fuelling even more into these speculations is the timing at which this hardware shortage for the Time Capsule has come into being.

Apple is going to unveil its new version of Mac OS X, the Mac OS x 10.7 “Lion” at the WWDC, which according to many will merge the Mac and the iPad platform together.