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Asus Shows 24-inch LED USB-Powered Monitor

We're a big fan of USB Monitors at ITProPortal having purchased two last year and slowly converting the whole office to the joys of laptops and dual monitors; Asus demonstrated a working USB-powered monitor, the MS248B, which is a modification of the current MS248H and a potential head turner.

Unlike models that we've seen up till now, it only has ONE port at the back, merely a USB one which is used to transmit both power and data through the one USB cable.

Asus chose USB 3.0 rather than USB 2.0 (as is the case with the Lenovo L2270x and the Samsung LD220) because the latter can transmit more data and provides 80 per cent more power available for configured devices (900mA vs 500mA).

Asus has also managed to trim down the power consumption to a staggeringly low 9W. This compares very well with the 33W that the MS248H reportedly consumes.

The rest of the specifications are fairly standard; a full HD 1920x1080 pixel, 24-inch panel, a 10m:1 contrast ratio with a 2ms response time, a glossy piano black bezel, LED touch-sensor buttons, an ultra slim 16.5mm profile.

Asus has no plans to incorporate other features in the monitor like a card reader, webcam, Ethernet, USB or audio ports. It is also unlikely that the monitor will support daisy chain.

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