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Can Apple's iOS Beat Android?

Everybody is looking forward to Apple's WWDC and the innovations Steve Jobs will share with the audience regarding the fifth-generation iPhone.

But despite the excitement, there is one question that is on everybody’s lips: "Can the iOS beat Android?" The army of Android-based handsets is slowly eating away at Apple’s share and the current trend could actually speed up, analysts say.

"With more Android-based devices hitting store shelves in the second half of 2011, the Google smartphone OS will further widen its gap with iOS thanks to its more complete ecosystem," DigiTimes suggests.

And a survey from Nielsen comes to rub salt in Apple’s wounds showing that Android smartphones are currently the most popular handsets in the US and Google’s Android is the most popular OS for mobile devices. Actually 36% of US mobile users own Android devices, while only 26% have remained faithful to Apple’s iOS.

Will Apple be able to bring an outstanding iPhone 5 to change the situation? Mind you, "outstanding" means a device able to offer what other Android-based devices already present.

It seems that Android devices have not slowed down on improvements either and about ten upcoming Android handsets will bring 4G, NFC capabilities and ultra-high resolution cameras. This makes Apple’s task even more difficult.

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