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Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPad 2

Apple fans are well-known for their rabid devotion to the fruit-themed gadget maker and its expensive toys, but one Chinese teenager has gone beyond the usual queuing in the rain for days on end to get a smartphone a few hours before the rest of the herd, or defending the Cupertino company even when it screws up horribly.

The 17-year-old student, named only as Zheng by Chinese TV station SZTV, reportedly sold one of his kidneys in order to pay for Apple's latest shiny must-have, the iPad 2.

According to a Global Times report, the high schooler was paid $3,000 by an Internet broker for the pound of flesh which was removed under the supervision of three middlemen at a hospital in Chenzhou province.

The boy's mother discovered his newly-acquired stash of technology, which included an iPhone and a laptop (but no iPad 2, stock shortages and all that, no doubt) according to the report, and forced him to confess how he had managed to buy them.

Zheng spilled the beans and was marched off to the local cops by his mother. To no-one's surprise, the three men involved in the transaction have gone to ground and the hospital, which doesn't even have the correct accrediation for the removal of internal organs, denies having anything to do with the matter.