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DFI Shows Dual Intel Atom Motherboard At Computex

Motherboard manufacturer DFI had a very special product on display, which for a second reminded us of the legendary Abit BP6.

The LR100X2-HB is a one-of-a-kind dual Atom motherboard aimed at the embedded/industrial market. It is actually two motherboards fused into one standard ATX model and runs two single core N450 processors clocked at 1.66GHz and covered by fanless heatsinks.

In total, the board has two 512MB RAM modules, four SATA ports, two CF Flash ports, two PCI and two mini PCI slots, eight LAN & eight USB ports and many more ports.

The system only shares one VGA and two USB ports which are used to control the built-in KVM switch that bridges the two.

A spokesperson for DFI told us that the company had no plans for now to swap the Atom processors for something more recent like the N570 or more powerful like low voltage Core CPUs.

The motherboard is apparently targeting system integrators and customers looking for a solution that allows them to get two networks to be physically separate, thereby reducing the risk of hacking.

DFI also told us that they have noted a significant increase in the volume of orders for embedded ARM-based motherboards with three SoC vendors - TI, Marvell and Freescale - delivering the goods.