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Facebook-Oriented HTC ChaCha Available Ahead Of Schedule

New reports reveal that the Facebook-centric HTC ChaCha was spotted at the online stores belonging to a couple of leading retailers in the UK, increasing anticipation for the new .

At the Mobile World Congress in February, HTC unveiled two new products powered by Android, the “Salsa” and the “ChaCha”.

The fact that both these phones featured a dedicated Facebook button drew quite a bit of attention, especially from the die-hard Facebook fans.

The HTC ChaCha has been available for pre-order for some time, and there were rumors that the it was going to hit the markets throughout the country on June 17.

Now the much anticipated Facebook friendly smartphone has already surfaced at both Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse, almost two weeks prior to what rumors had suggested, EnGadget (opens in new tab)reports.

According to available reports, Phone4U is offering the ChaCha for free with a two-year, £20 per month contract from Vodafone. No doubt other retailers and telecoms will begin offering their own deals as the new smartphone becomes generally available.

The HTC ChaCha retails for £299 without a contract, a somewhat hefty price considering that its specs make it seem like more of a mid-range smartphone.