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Gmail Attack Targeted High Ranking US Government Officials

The recent cyber attack on Gmail also targeted the personal email accounts of White House officials, it has been revealed.

Google recently reported that hackers procured Gmail log-in credentials belonging to several US government and military officials and Chinese human rights activists. The company previously revealed that the cyber attacks were traced to Jinan area in China. The Jinan area has been named as the hub for cyber espionage in China.

China was quick to deny the latest allegations and dismissed them as ‘unacceptable’. The government also said that entities accusing the country off cyber espionage had ‘ulterior motives’.

Now, a US official is claiming that hackers had access to Gmail accounts belonging to White House officials, most likely hoping to find classified information, The Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) reports. Government policy forbids using personal e-mail accounts for government business so that classified information isn't compromised, but these rules are not always strictly followed.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that the allegations made by Google were very serious. The FBI and the Department of Homeland security is investigating the phishing attacks along with Google.