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Google, Microsoft And Yahoo Work Together On New Markup Format

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have decided to work together to create a new website-tagging standard that would allow search engines to properly categorise their content in search results.

In a blog post, Google said that the search engines had partnered to establish, which will focus on creating and maintaining a common set of schemas related to structured markups for web pages.

According to the search engine giant, web developers will be able to use the data markups to allow search engines to better understand their websites and categorise them accordingly.

Google already uses structured markups for better describing the websites in its search result. The company said that as it would be difficult for web developers to create markup tags for separate search engines, it had partnered with Bing and Yahoo to create a common markup format that can be used on their search engines.

“At Google, we’ve supported structured markup for a couple years now. We introduced rich snippets in 2009 to better represent search results describing people or containing reviews. We’ve since expanded to new kinds of rich snippets, including products, events, recipes, and more,” Google said in the blog post.