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iPhone Ranks In Middle Of Radiation Levels List

The World Health Organization has recently published the results of a study concerning the carcinogenic potential of mobile phone use. The 21 scientist team conceded that cell phone radiation is "possibly carcinogenic to humans", Apple Insider reports.

The WHO (opens in new tab) has previously not acknowledged any link between cell phone use and cancer, but they have changed their stance saying that phone radiation has the same "carcinogenic hazard” for human health as engine exhaust, but expressed the need for further studies.

The iPhone ranked in the middle of the mobile phone radiation level list, compiled by the Environmental Working Group in December 2010. Apple’s smartphones have an average SAR index (Specific Absorption Rate), which measures the radiation amount absorbed by human bodies from phones.

The iPhone 4 has a SAR level of 1.17 watts per kilogram, the iPhone 3GS 1.19 W/kg while the older-generation iPhone 3G rated 1.03 W/kg. The Federal Communications Commission has set a maximum SAR limit of 1.6W/kg.

The lowest radiation emitting phone was LG Quantum (0.35 W/kg), while the Motorola Bravo and Droid 2 Global rated the highest radiation level (1.59 W/kg and 1.58 W/kg).

However, radiation levels depend on use and no study has clearly shown that higher SAR levels mean greater health risk. Despite this fact, try to respect Apple’s advice and "keep iPhone at least 15 millimeters (5/8 inch) away from the body" when using it.

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