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Konami Debuts New Games With A New Engine At Pre-E3 Show

Konami recently held its pre-E3 show, and Hedeo Kojima took the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s new Fox engine.

Kojima said that work on the engine had begun after the completion of Metal Gear Solid 4, with the aim of creating the ‘best engine in the world’.

The developer claimed that the engine will make it possible for the studio to develop multi-platform games with a significantly shortened development time. Kojima also showed off a demo which features a boy exploring a jungle environment.

Apart from the game engine, Kojima demonstrated his Tranfarring technology, which is designed to allow PlayStation 3 owners to transfer in-game data between their PSP or NGP and the PS3 and vice versa. He said that all Konami titles in the future will come with the Tranfarring feature, Fragland (opens in new tab)reports.

The game studio also demoed Metal Gear for the 3DS, explaining how the game will utilise the device’s dual screen. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was also put on display during the pre-E3 show.

Finally, Konami introduced a new game called NeverDead, which is a third person action game that involves a person who never dies, even if he gets his limbs chopped off or gets his head severed.