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Late News: Google Apps Not To Support Old Browsers, Motorola Xoom 2 Details, Twelve New Android Smartphones In Summer

Google plans to end support for ageing web browsers on its Google Apps platform. In a blog post Google explained that certain functionalities present on its Google Apps platform require modern web browsers to function properly, otherwise they present a poor user experience.

Google’s recent settlement of the Buzz class-action lawsuit has raised some eyebrows over the selection criteria used for choosing organisations that get paid in the settlement. Dan Popeo of the Washington Legal Foundation points out that the Google Buzz settlement makes the plaintiff’s lawyers and a select few well-funded activist groups richer by millions of dollars, while leaving other out in the cold.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have decided to work together to create a new website-tagging standard that would allow search engines to properly categorise their content in search results. In a blog post, Google said that the search engines had partnered to establish, which will focus on creating and maintaining a common set of schemas related to structured mark-ups for web pages.

Motorola’s website has mistakenly leaked details of the company’s upcoming and unannounced products including a watchphone, the Xoom 2 tablet and several new Smartphones. Technology blog PocketNow discovered the leak on Motorola’s website, which was undergoing a redesign when it posted the images online.

The coming summer is expected to witness the rise of next-generation Smartphones powered by the Android mobile OS. It was recently disclosed by a Gartner report that Android has surfaced as the fastest growing Smartphone platform in the first quarter of 2011, and there is a good chance of this trend continuing through the rest of the summer.

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