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Motorola Website Accidentally Leaks Images Of Xoom 2, New Smartphones

Motorola’s website has mistakenly leaked details of the company’s upcoming and unannounced products including a watchphone, the Xoom 2 tablet and several new smartphones.

Technology blog PocketNow (opens in new tab)discovered the leak on Motorola’s website, which was undergoing a redesign when it posted the images online.

The blog however, was forced to take down the images after being contacted by Motorola Mobilty, which practically confirmed that existence and the impending launch of the devices.

The screenshots posted by PocketNow, which can still be found on Engadget, (opens in new tab)revealed the Motorola Xoom 2 tablet, which the company has yet to officially preview. The first Xoom tablet failed to make a dent in Apple's tablet dominance with the iPad, despite running the Android Honeycomb OS, designed specifically for tablets.

Images of the Dick Tracy branded watchphone, Tracy XL, were also leaked. Apart from the watchphone and the tablet, images of the rumored Slimline, Zaha and Pearl handsets were also leaked.

The images of all the devices were removed from the Motorola website as soon as the news broke out. The leak did not reveal any details about the devices other than what can be deduced from their designs.