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Motorola Mobility CEO Wants To Brand His Smartphones As Aspirational Goods

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha has said that the company was open to making new acquisitions in order to expand the company’s product line.

Speaking during an investor conference, Jha said that the company plans to differentiate itself from other Android vendors by creating products targeted towards enterprise users, The (opens in new tab) Dow Jones (opens in new tab) reported.

“We're better positioned than anyone else in enterprise among Android,” Jha said during the conference, adding that the company was focused on developing smartphones based on Google’s Android mobile OS.

The company plans to expand its reach to new regions and market segments. Jha said that the Chinese and Latin American markets both had huge potentials for growth. He also said that Motorola will have a strong presence in Europe by the fourth quarter.

Speaking about Motorola products, Jha said that although its devices were now renowned for their quality and trustworthiness, they were not what people aspirational products that people would associate with style or a high quality of life.

“It's important to make (the brand) sing a little more in an aspirational way, " Jha said. He also said that the Xoom and the Atrix had failed because the company had not done enough to promote them.