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Onlive UK gets June 7th launch date

Onlive has announced that its cloud-based gaming service will hit the UK on June 7th.

The launch of the online system, which allows powerful games to be played on crappy hardware by doing most of the complicated processing on the company's servers, will coincide with the opening of the year's biggest gaming event, E3.

The service, which has been running for some time in parts of the US, relies on a pretty robust Internet connection and will allow UK players to frag their friends across the pond in some multi-player games.

"OnLive UK will launch with over 100 games, including the latest top titles, full compatibility across a wide range of HDTVs, tablet/smartphone devices and most PCs and Macs,' said OnLive founder CEO Steve Perlman."

If you don't have a compatible computer Onlive will flog you a thin-client box that will cope with all of the games on offer. The US version currently weighs in at $99 so you can expect that to translate straight into pounds once BT - which has the exclusive franchise for the hardware - has taken its cut.

Most games can be tried out for nowt, rented for a rolling fee, or purchased outright at about the same price you'd expect to pay in store for AAA titles. There's also a Playpack Bundle which offers more than 50 games, some of them half decent, for ten bucks a month.

There's a countdown timer to UK sign-up day here, and you can get a feel for what it's all about on the US site here. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.