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Overweight Programmer May Be Future Face Of Next

A young man in his mid 20’s, overweight and not exactly what springs to mind when you hear the phrase 'male model', is on his way to becoming the next winner in the Make Me The Next Next Model 2011 competition, one of the most reputed model-competition on the Web.

The man, named Roland Bunce, is a computer science graduate from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The aspiring model, reportedly a hardcore WWE Wrestling fan, sent his photograph along with thousands of other wannabe models from his country and abroad.

Little did he know that his profile at the Next model page would soon be a massive hit among internet users with over 30,000 Facebook likes.

A “Vote Roland B to win the Next model competition” page was also created on Facebook (opens in new tab), which, as of this writing, is enjoying the support from 591 fans with plenty of encouragement.

Much to the delight of his fans, Bunce is enjoying a lead over his closest competitor Ibrahim B by almost 29000 votes, or about 250 times more votes, TechDigest (opens in new tab)reports, nearly making him a shoe-in as the future face of Next.

If he wins, Bunce will win £2000 in gift certificates to Next and the opportunity to be in a Next photoshoot. Since it hasn't made any comments on the matter, it's not clear how Next will react if Bunce does win the competition.