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Tennessee Makes It Illegal To Share Netflix Log-In Information

Lawmakers in Tennessee, known as the home of country music, have passed a new law that makes it illegal to share log-in information for Internet music or movie subscription sites.

The bill, signed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, will be effective on July 1. It states that using someone else's account to access Internet movie and music subscription sites, even with the consent of the owner of the account, will be considered against the law and subsequent actions will be taken against the violator.

It is believed that the bill was actually pushed through by major recording labels, all of whom have a strong presence in Nashville, the state's capital.

“What becomes not legal is if you send your username and password to all your friends so they can get free subscriptions,” Rep. Gerald McCormick said, The Tennessean (opens in new tab) reported.

The bill, however, has shown a bit more flexibility when it comes to family members sharing each other’s log-in information. But those who share their accounts with their buddies, may find themselves in serious trouble, assuming the state finds an effective way to enforce the law.

This law is an update of theft-of-cable laws that were already on the books.