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TI Launches Dual Core 1.8GHz OMAP4470 SoC With New Graphics

TI has announced the availability of the OMAP4470, a system on chip that offers a 20 per cent increase in clock speed over the previous generation, pushing it all the way to 1.8GHz up from 1.5GHz on the OMAP4460.

The OMAP4470 also comes with a new PowerVR SGX544 GPU that offers more than twice the performance of the PowerVR SGX 540 found on the iPhone 4, reaching nearly 12.3GFLOPS at 384MHz.

Like its predecessor the OMAP4470 also comes with two ARM Cortex-M3 cores which allows the TI part to optimise performance and power consumption.

There's also a new hardware composition engine with a dedicated 2D graphics core which takes on the same role as the two M3 cores but for graphics.

It will also support up to three HD displays and up to QXGA resolution with stereoscopic 3D and HDMI support as well.

Although TI hasn't said what manufacturing process will be used, it is likely that it will be 45nm. TI expects the first devices based on the OMAP4470 to reach the market in the first half of 2012 which will only be a few months before the first 28nm Cortex A15 products debut.

ARM quotes a performance optimised speed of 2GHz for the Cortex-A9 and a performance of 10DGIPS at 2GHz; with that speed limit fast approaching, it will be interesting to see whether some smaller players like Rockchip or ZiiLABS will push that limit even further.

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