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Toshiba Thrive Vs Toshiba Folio 100 Android Tablets

Toshiba will release the Thrive, its second Android tablet, in the US next month and we're revisiting the old Folio to find out what has changed now that the Thrive has been announced.

Both tablets come with the same system on chip, a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 model, as well as the same display size, 10.1-inch. However, while the Thrive has a 1280x800 pixel resolution, the Folio 100 has an inferior 1024x600 resolution.

The Folio also lacks an onboard GPS and a rear camera, both of which are hardware prerequisites set by Google to get the all important Android 3.0 certification. The Thrive comes both with a two-megapixel front camera and a five-megapixel rear one.

This means that the Folio will only be available with Android 2.2, not Honeycomb. What's more, the former will only get downloads from the Toshiba Market Place not the official Android Market.

The Folio 100 had 16GB onboard with a SDHC memory card slot, while the Thrive comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB flavours. The Thrive will also be slightly heavier than the original Folio 100 (725g vs 710g).

Both of them have HDMI, a mini USB 2.0, BT, Wi-Fi and should come with 3G soon. Toshiba will sell both tablets in the UK but it will be interesting to see whether the Japanese company manages to iron out the issues that plagued its launch last year.

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