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UK Government Launches Cyber Security Challenge II

The UK government has launched the Cyber Security Challenge II, a competition aimed at finding the best of the best to secure its interests in cyber-space.

The competition includes a series of extensive online as well as face-to-face challenges, before the successful participants can safely claim their rewards, which include free training courses and cash to assist them further in exploring a career in the domain of computer security.

It has been reported that this year’s competitions will include more challenging and innovative tasks as compared to the one held last year.

Organisers of the event have also made it clear what kind of skill sets they would like to see in the country's future cyber-warriors, including the ability to design secured networks, informed defence and an understanding of cyber crimes.

“Last year was a huge success in terms of identifying new talent and also introducing careers in the security industry as a real option to many people who had perhaps previously not considered it or thought they were not ‘good enough,’” said James Lyne, director of technology strategy at Sophos, on ITPro.

Interested participants can register for the event at the official Cyber Security Challenge web site.