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Russian Programmer Reverse Engineers Skype

Just a few weeks after its acquisition by Microsoft, VoIP service provider Skype’s desktop implementation has been reverse engineered by a Russian researcher, and subsequently made available online as open-source software.

The researcher, named Efim Bushmanov, set up a new Blogspot account to showcase his findings, and to make binaries necessary to compile the reverse-engineered software available for download.

He has also appealed to other capable developers in the open-source community to come forward and help him to finish completely reverse-engineering Skype's other implementations.

“My aim is to make skype open source. And find friends who can spend many hours for completely reverse it,” the Russian programmer wrote on the blog.

“You have unique chance to take a look on skype internal protocol and encryption. You will see [that] it uses strong AES and RSA encryption with public key infrastructure,” he added.

Bushmanov's quest to create an open-source alternative will probably upset Microsoft, which has just spent a great deal of money buying Skype, but it's not clear that he is doing anything illegal, especially as he doesn't seem to be making any money off his achievement.