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Wi-Fi MicroSD Card Spotted At Computex

Apart from a microSD card that combines 8GB NAND storage and NFC features, Chinese company Netcom has also presented us with a microSD card that's actually a Wi-Fi adaptor.

Putting Wi-Fi capabilities into a microSD enclosure is not a novel idea. Taiwanese company Spectec announced such a card back in 2006; the SDW-823 was an 802.11b/g model but was never a success after suffering from a series of production issues and delays.

Netcom's solution is however readily available and could cost as little as £10. The sample we saw carried the logo of a company called WiFitu as well as the wording "WiFi-Direct".

This means in theory that the card will be able to communicate directly with other "Wi-Fi Direct" devices without the need for a wireless access point.

Netcom's Dan Lau has confirmed that the company is already in talks with Huawei and ZTE over potential product partnerships which could see the Wi-Fi MicroSD card bundled with USB dongles.

Doing so would allow users to set up wireless hotspots simply by placing one of those cards into a dongle with a microSD card reader.

The downside would be that the USB dongle would require the laptop to be left on constantly. The product will come to Europe in the near future and Netcom has ruled out adding NAND flash memory to the card.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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