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Anonymous outs hacked Iranian emails

Anonymous this week posted in a torrent file of more than 10,000 e-mails it said it managed to pinch from Iranian government servers.

Most of the 10,365 e-mails are correspondence over visa requests sent from Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The encrypted torrent file was initially uploaded to the The Pirate Bay on May 30. The password to allow the file to be read was released on Thursday. If you fancy a copy you can grab one here.

A missive addressed to the "Noble People of Iran" from Anonymous said: "We now how great you are. You have been killed, jailed, tortured and silenced by the illegal regime which has hijacked your country for the past decades., and yet you still rose up last year against a force you knew meant you harm. They may kill one person every eight hours but they can't kill your fighting spirit. They can't kill your freedom. Know that we support you. Know that you are not alone."

Anonymous said it simply wanted to demonstrate it could get into Iranian government servers. “I don’t know why the Islamic regime keeps providing money to their cyber army while they can't secure their most important mail server,” an Anonymite said.

The hive-minded miscreants may also have been trying to earn a few brownie points for itself after annoying too many rich capitalists of late.