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Report Reveals HP, Juniper Preferred Over Cisco

Businesses are moving to Cisco’s rivals for their networking gear, with the company resorting to ‘intimidation’ tactics to sell its products.

According to a report on Bloomberg, Cisco customers are migrating to rivals like HP and Juniper Networks, which are offering better price and more simplified offerings.

The report also revealed few cases in which Cisco had taken to intimidating companies if they decided to go for some other networking vendors.

One such case if of Robert Capps, an executive at StubHub, who decided to go for the products offered by Cisco’s rival for a new data centre. Cisco reportedly called his boss and raised questions over Capps’s capability as a technology manager.

“Cisco wasn’t serving our needs. They were not innovating in the areas of data-centre operations that we needed innovation. The way they go about their sales process is through pressure and intimidation.” Capps told Bloomberg.

The company also had a go at Ken Widner, an information-technology director at Interstate Battery System International, who had chosen Juniper’s service over Cisco’s. Cisco called his boss as well and claimed that Widner was ‘jeopardising’ the company’s infrastructure.