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Sony Pictures Acknowledges LulzSec Hack, Says Sorry

Sony Pictures released a press release yesterday in which it acknowledged the recent "cybercrime wave" that has affected Sony companies and a number of other entities.

The statement issued by the company's CEO and Chairman, says that LulzSec, a "group of criminal hackers", had breached some of the company's websites.

Sony Pictures said that it has taken action to protect against further intrusion by enlisting the help of a "respected team of outside experts" who will be conducting a forensic analysis of the attack.

They have also called in the FBI and will work with them to identify and apprehend those responsible for the breach. The statement ends with Sony Pictures expressing its deep regret and apologizing for any inconvenience that the event might have caused its customers.

LulzSec published a press statement of its own on its website in which it detailed how it managed to break into and siphoned more than one million users' details including passwords, email addresses et al.

The motivations behind the hack are still unknown at this time. LulzSecurity said that it doesn't want to come across as a group of "master hackers" before asking why customers put faith in a company that doesn't do enough to protect its customers' data.

LulzSec has also been credited with the hack of the website last weekend as well as in the United States.