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OnLive Wireless Controller To Come To Non-HTC Android Devices

Cloud gaming outfit OnLive has confirmed that it will be extending its wireless controller compatibility beyond the HTC Flyer, the only Android device that currently supports it.

The company told PCMagazine in an email: "The controller will communicate with tablets including a Samsung Galaxy Tab, via the tablet's Bluetooth," before adding, "the idea is that any Android tablet can be controlled using our universal wireless controller and we'll be showing several examples next week of this in action, in addition to the Flyer."

Should the device not have a wireless Bluetooth connector (like on a TV or Bluray device), a USB dongle will come into play and communicate with the controller.

The OnLive Universal Wireless Controller will be launched at a later stage and pricing as well as other details have yet to be announced.

Nearly 100 games are already available and OnLive has already announced that it will bring its Onlive Game Console to the UK fairly soon.

The company also released a playback bundle that costs only $9.99 per month and allows gamers to play more than 50 titles like Lego Batman at any time.

BT has the exclusive rights to bundle OnLive in the UK with some broadband packages. The telecommunication giant has also acquired a minority share in the company.

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