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1,600 show up at birthday party in Facebook mixup

Over 1,600 people turned up at a teenager's birthday party in Germany after a Facebook mixup sent them all invites.

German teen Thessa was expecting a few pals to show up at her 16th birthday birthday, but instead she was greeted with hundreds of strangers, who might have been called gatecrashers if it wasn't for the fact that they were mistakenly invited.

When Thessa set up the birthday invite on Facebook she wrongly set it to “public”, which meant anyone and everyone could attend.

The crowd began showing up at 7pm on Friday at Thessa's house in the Bramfeld part of Hamburg, where they partied until 2am. When Thessa saw the strangers she ran from her home and called the police. One hundred coppers were brought in to keep order while the party went on, reports Reuters.

The invited-yet-not-invited guests were mostly civil, according to the police, but 11 individuals were arrested for bodily harm and property damage, in addition to other minor offences.

It's not clear if everyone brought birthday presents.