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Acer Europe Servers Hacked, Personal Information Of 40K Users Compromised

Pakistan Cyber Army, a hacking group from Pakistan has reportedly breached in to an Acer Server in Europe and got away with sensitive personal information of over 40,000 users.

Adding more to the worries of the company, the group also revealed that the hackers got their hands on numerous source codes stored in the breached systems.

The news first surfaced on The Hacker News (THN), where samples of the stolen data, including names, addresses, email ids and even phone numbers, were shown using screenshots of the server’s storage space.

THN also claimed that it was contacted by the Pakistan Cyber Army members to inform these onslaughts on the PC and laptop maker’s systems.

When asked for comments, Lisa Emard Acer’s American unit’s director of media relation claimed that the US operation of the company was yet to get any news about the breach. However, she assured that they were putting efforts to get an update on the issue from their officials in Europe.

Unfortunately for Acer, which also happens to be the second largest computer manufacturer in the world, this latest security breach has taken place at a crucial time when the company was already going through an eagle-eyed scrutiny over the way it submits its financial reports.