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Apple WWDC live blog of Steve Jobs keynote

And it's all over for another year.


Aha... we're getting on to ripped music. There are three options.

1. Sync all devices using the old fangled cable method (boo)

2. Buy them again (boooooo)

3. Use iTune Match (interesting... tell us more)

It will match all of your ripped tracks to the 18 million in Apple armoury and redownload them at 256kbps AAC DRM-free for $25 a year. Anythign they can't match you can just upload. Nice.

All stored at the North Carloina data centre. So that's what that thing's for.

iCloud Dev beta is available today. 5GB of free storage for Mail Documnets ans backups. Will ship with iOS5 in Autumn.

Music and Video Apps

Apple has killed the iPod App. Seperate ones for music and video in iOS5. Ten devices can be authorised in all. Still no menion of what happens o music you have ripped from your own CDs. Seem to be glossing over that one.

iTunes in the Cloud

Same old story. Buy something on your iPhone and it's not on your other devices. Purchased button shows entire purchase history of songs. No charge for multiple downloads on many devices. First time in music industry history.

Photo Stream

Take a snap on your iPhone, automatically sent to cloud and updates on iPad. No more emailing photos to yourself. yipeee! Built in to Apple TV too. And works on PC staright into Pictures folder. Works the other way round too. Add snaps to iphoto, straight through the cloud to your iDevice. Will sit in the cloud for 30 days. 1000 pics limit on iDevice, unlimited on Mac or PC. Move them into an labum and they're permanent.


Steve is back out so this is the biggie. Says Apple has been working on this for some time now. Very Excited.

Digital hub has worked fine on PCs for ten years now but devices are changing. People want all of their stuff on all of their gadgets.

"We've got a great solution for this problem. And we think this solution is our next big insight. We're going to demote the PC/Mac to be just another device."

iCloud stores all of your content in the cloud and automatically pushes it to all of your devices. Great, the Time Machine nonsense was cobblers.

Core apps in MobileMe thrown away and written as cloud apps.

Update a contact and it updates everywhere. Calendars can be shared.

Mail pushes new messages to all devices. In-boxes and folders are up to date on all devices. Nothing new here for those of us with MobileMe accounts. Better be free!

It is. And no ads.

iBooks and bookmarks also synced in the cloud.

So Apple is killing MobileMe. Wonder if I'll get a refund for the rest of the year?

Automatic data back-ups to iCloud over WiFi. Everything. Documents, photos, videos, music, apps, the whole kit and caboodle.

Documents in the Cloud. Create a document, fiddle with it, close it, it automatically updates and pushes to every device. Works in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Ah... slide says it syncs 'purchased' music apps and books. What about stuff you've ripped from your own CDs?

Looks,like thrid party app developers will hve access to the sync APIs too.

And here's the kicker... it will all work on Windows PCs as well. Didn't see that one coming.

Other iOS stuff

Airplay mirroring to TV over Wifi, new multitouch gestures, alterante routes in Maps, improved Voiceover, and developer seed is out today. But when are we getting it?


New messaging service for all iOS devices. Send text, photos, videos, contacts, group messages. Works over 3G and WiFi. Everything encrypted. Kick in the teeth for Blackberry. Automatic sync across devices. Apple trying to murder SMS now. Creates 'delivered' and 'read' receipts. Built on push notifications

Game Centre

Photos with profiles. Purchase and download games direct. No iTunes. Better support for turn-based games.

PC Free

People want the iPad to be their only device. Apple is finally cutting the USB cable. Set up device without a host computer. Over the air updates. Delta updates mean smaller files, quicker updates, less strain on the bandwidth and data plans. Nice.


New split mode version which persists in every app. Type with your thumbs either side of an iPad, not much use on the iPhpone


Rich text formatting, more support for enterprise, better encryption S/MIME support, new dictionary brought in from iBooks.


Making it quicker to take photos with an icon on the lock screen. Yay! Can also use the volume switches to take snaps. Double Yay! Removab;e grid lines using rule of thirds for composition, pinch to digital zoom, and hold your finger over part of a scene to engae exposure lock. Automatic red-eye reduction, and new editing features.


Multiple lists, dates and locations, which will remind you do do something in your list if you leave the location. Very cool. Will use it to remind me to check I have my iPhone when I leave the pub. D'oh!


Safari Reader lets you email the contents of a web page. Reading List lets you save web pages to all of your iDevices Macs and PCs with a single click for later perusal. Full tabbed browsing in Safari on iPad. About time too. Content sent direct to Twitter using the 'Tweet Sheet'.


Single sign-in for all Twitter clients under Settings control panel. Can now tweet pics direct from iPhoto or camera, as well as web clips and other stuff.


Looks like iBooks but with magazines. With audio and video too. New issues automatically downloaded (if you've paid for a subscription no doubt).


iOS has lagged behind. Lock screen gives you a list but then disappears which is really annoying. New Notification Centre called up by swiping down from the top of the screen. Includes missed calls, voicemails, emails, text messages and push notifications from the App Store. Slide finger across an app's notification and it opens that app up.

iOS5 is a major release, 1500 new APIs, 200 new features.

And on to the future of iOS.

$2.5 billion paid to developers. 14 billion apps downloaded.

App Store huge success, 425,000 apps, 90,000 of them specifically for iPad.

Sold 25 million iPads in 14 months, blah blah. 15 billion songs on iTunes.

On to all things iOS, next.

Obvioulsy not having to pay for the box is making sense because Apple will be flogging it for $30. Available in July.

Lion has 3,000 new APIs, will weigh in at 4GB, and will ONLY be available from the Mac App Store. Blimey. The Internets will be busy on that day.

Talking about Mail now. Has new search options and conversations. Nothing to write home about (baboom).

You can see all the people running Airdrop in a kind of buddies list and just drop files onto their areas without setting up file sharing and all that malarkey. Kinda like the way Skype deals with file transfers. But with nice Apple design.


'Airdrop' is up next... the easy way to move files between computers.

'Resume' brings your Mac back to the exact same state it was in when you shut it down. That'll be handy... or annoying, depending on your viewpoint.

Lion autosaves documents in the background. Click in the menu to revert to a previous version. New tech to be called 'Versions'. Like Time Machine for every single document on your hard drive. Gonna need a bigger boat.


Launchpad is the new Finder. "Simple but powerful idea" says Schiller. Multiple pages of applications organised how you want them, like an iDevice. App Store purchases download staright to Launchpad.

Schiller is getting onto the App Store, which is apparently killing all other forms of retail. App Store is built into Lion. Delta updates making updates faster. Just download the new bit of the software rather than the whole thing. Smaller files. Faster downloads.

Demonstrating multiple desktops. Three fingered swipes to change between them.

Everything is swipe this and pinch that. Looks like Apple is making a concerted effort to kill off the mouse as we know it. Time for a Magic Trackpad thingy.

All about touch gestures, scroll bars are pointless unless you're actually using them. Learned a lot from iOS. Full screen applications running under Mission Control. All stuff we've seen before.

Lion has 250 new features. Thankfully they're only gonna highlight ten.

Mac market share has grown by 28 per cent.

Lion Up first, with Phil Schiller. 54 million active Mac users across the globe.

True to form the fourth word he said was 'awesome'. Over 100 Apple engineers on site to help developers out. 120 seesions and 100 labs.

18:01 and Steve Jobs is on stage... getting a standing ovation. Purleeeease!

I Feel Good by James Brown blasts out. Chuckles from the crowd.


Blues Brothers blasting. Bums on seats. Warning to turn them pesky iPhones off. No doubt a few furtive Android owners trying to turn their ringers off without taking the phone out of their pockets.

Bit off topic but new Tomb Raider game has just been announced at E3 Xbox keynote. Why do they do these things at the same time? Bah!


I have to say I'm going to be a bit miffed if iCloud turns out to be based on the Time Machine hardware as was rumoured earlier. As for surprises, there are at least a couple of banners hanging up in the Moscone Centre which are still covered up so... fingers crossed. Could be a classic 'one more thing' coming up in about an hour.

Apparently people have been queuing all day. At $1600 a ticket I'd want a personal monkey butler to queue up for me.


Not long to go now... feel free to put your wish lists in the comments session below.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference starts in less than an hour and we'll be bringing you all of the developments from Steve Jobs' keynote address as they happen right here on this very page.

Bookmark it now and check back at 6pm UK time and keep hitting the refresh button for what's what with OSX Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and everyone's Apple favourite, that 'One more thing' monent for which Mr Jobs has become famous.

There's enough rumour and conjecture (opens in new tab) flying about to keep everyone busy until doomsday, but we all know that no-one really knows what's happening inside Apple's Cupertino Campus until the thin man sings, so get yourself back here later today and we'll keep you posted.

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