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Chinese State Media Warns Google Not To Become A 'Political Tool'

State-owned Chinese media has warned Google not to become a tool of ‘political contention’ between the US and China.

In an editorial piece in the Chinese-language People’s Daily Overseas, a part of the State owned People’s Daily newspaper, China warned that Google’s business might suffer if it continues to mix with ‘international political struggle’.

The ruling Communist Party in China controls the newspaper which acts like a mouthpiece for the Chinese government. Google should take the not-so-subtle warning in the editorial as a direct threat from the government.

“Google should not become too involved in an international political struggle nor act as a tool in a political game. Once the international wind changes direction, it may sacrificed for politics, and could be abandoned by the market,” the editorial read, Reuters (opens in new tab)reports.

Google caused a fair bit of controversy when it reported that Gmail accounts belonging to US government and military officials, journalists and activists in China and South Korea had been targeted with phishing attacks that had originated from China’s Jinan area.

The company has refrained from pointing fingers at the Communist nation, known for its draconian internet policies.

US government officials have expressed their concerns over the seriousness of the cyber attack with the FBI and Google cooperating to investigate the matter.