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Fake Construction Crew Attaches Microsoft Sign To Apple Store In Hamburg

A group of pranksters in Germany has defaced Apple’s soon-to-be-launched store just outside Hamburg, Germany with a huge Windows logo.

The pranksters also uploaded a video on YouTube depicting how they put a huge Windows logo on the Apple Store. The video has garnered more than 30,000 videos since it has uploaded.

The Windows logo however was easily removable and Apple Store employees had removed the sign shortly after it was put up.

In the video, two pranksters posing as construction workers approach the side of the under construction Apple Store and fix the logo acting as if they were doing nothing out of the ordinary. The two pranksters are seen coolly walking away after they the finished putting of the logo.

However, looking closely at the Windows logo installed by the pranksters on the side of the store, the pranksters reversed the blue and green boxes that comprise the logo.

The store is Apple’s second one in Hamburg and is scheduled to open by the end of September. The prank came on the same day as Apple surpassed the combined market value of Microsoft and Intel.

Apple's retail stores recently underwent a serious renovation to celebrate Apple's tenth year in retail, notably replacing paper signs with iPads that allow people to explore Apple's product line.