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1959... Ze End.. No new iPhone 5, I've lost my bet, no "and another thing"... Good bye everyone.

1957 Apple has already built three data centers, all of them as ecofriendly as it can be.

1954 New feature called iTunes match which syncs your music with the 18 million or so on iTunes. Giving it the same benefits as iTunes, 256Kbps AAC DRM-Free. That's $25 per annum. Jobs says it's a great deal when compared to Apple, Amazon and Google. Microsoft with Zune pass is not on the table.

1953 iOS 4.3 beta available as from today and we can sync new devices over WiFi or cable. Nice.

1952 iCloud launching in developer beta today, will be part of iOS 5.

1950 Basically, iCloud will be unlimited for items you paid for from Apple (songs, apps etc) as well for documents but not for photos. Email and other storage limited to 5GB.... BOOOOO

1949 So, iCloud has nine apps, all of them free. iTunes does 256Kbps with 10 devices included.

1945 iTunes in Ze Cloud. Confirmed, no charge for multiple downloads to different devices and we're off to a new demo session.

1944 Press releases have yet to be pushed to Apple's PR section online.

1942 Demo time again. This is turning out to be one of the longer keynotes we've attended. Will we still have time for an additional... and one more thing?

1940 Cloud will store last 1000 photos, that's basically 2 to 3GB memory. Photos will be kept for 30 days.

1938 Next up is Photo Stream, basically clouds for photos, Flick or Picasa for the iPhone. Right there in Photos, no addiitonal app to download. Goes to Apple TV as well.

1937 iCloud will work on PC and Macs too and IMHO will be an interesting competitor to Dropbox and others.

1936 Job says that Docs in the cloud completes the iOS document storage story and solves the issue of having to move docs around.

1935 Oh and by the way, the demos are being done on the iPhone, not on the iPad.

1933 Demo time with Keynote

1932 Nine apps are available in all. Documents in the cloud for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

1931 iCloud backup will work only over Wi-Fi (automated daily syncs) which is understandable given how shocking download fees could be.

1930 iCloud says Jobs will allow people to be completely PC-Free.. Now that's a rather frightening and bleak future for the rest of the PC industry.

1929 Demo Time now.

1928 iCloud will be free while Mobile Me annual subscription used to cost $99. Nice one Apple!

1927 Mail won't include apps. Messages pushed to all devices, folders and inbox kept up to date. That's basically Apple killing Blackberry in front of our own eyes.

1925 Mobileme apps have been rewritten to support the Cloud from ground up. Include calendar sharing

1924 So the iCloud creed is that it stores and pushes content to all devices, automatically uploading, storing and pushing everything to anything

1922 He literally wants to move the digital hub into the cloud. It's much more than a big disk in the cloud.

1922 iCloud is about finding a solution to sync content from all our devices. all the time, everywhere and anywhere.

1920 Maestro Jobs is back to speak about the iCloud. We're all ears.

1919 SDK available for developers today. The rest of us will get it this fall which gives us an indication when iPhone 5 will be launched. It will support all the devices that iPhone 4 supported

1917 Another cool feature is AirPlay mirroring which allows content to be displayed on your TV wirelessly, possibly through Apple TV. There's something in the background called iTunes TONE store.. WTF is that?

1916 Small demo of the mesaging service... Nice and Sleek... Won't communicate with other IM clients though...

1914 It will include receipts (delivery and read) as well as being cross device meaning that you can start on the iPhone and continue on the iPad. Works on Wi-FI and 3G.

1913 New messaging service between iOS users coming... Did Apple just copy Blackberry? The service will support ALL iOS devices and will let users send pretty much everything to anyone... What about Mac users though?

1913 You will be able to purchase and download games directly from Game Center, and play turn-based games.

1910 Game Center is next, apparently the most popular gaming platform on the planet with more than 100,000 entertainment titles in the App Store. 50 million Game center uers in 9 months. Compares positively with 30 million Xbox Live users over the last eight years. Microsoft can only sigh in silence!

1909 All updates will be delta updates which means that it will be an upgrade rather than an OS swap. What about synching though.... Weird, software update screen shows iOS 5.1

1907 And the big one!! no need for cables... PC Free. All software updates will be OTA, not via 3G we presume.

1906 Scott showing a new keyboard that reminds us of what Microsoft demoed with the Windows 8. A splitable keyboard that allows you to use your thumbs to type. NICE!

1905 Email is next with a few features worth noting like rich text formatting or the ability to search through the email body itself. S/Mime, built in dictionary, the ability to flag messages etc.

1903 BTW, thanks to the dozens of readers who are following us at the moment...

1902 Other camera features include AE/AF lock, pinch to zoom, lock screen shortcut as well as the ability to edit your photos in the app itself.

1901 And guess what.... You can use the volume up buton to take a picture.... Adele with Rolling in the Deep is on the homescreen ;-)

1900 Ding Dong, one hour on since the event started. Next big feature is camera update wiht a camera button on the lock screen. FINALLY!

1859 Twitter integration and Reminders which is basically a notepad within a browser, something that Opera did a few years ago as well as a little known browser called Maxthon. Talk of reinventing the wheel!

1857 Other new features include reading list, tabbed browsing and here comes the demo.

1855 Safari has a new reader button that provides with "a single scrolling story". Yeah, yet another nail in the publishers/advertisers coffin it seems... Who needs ads anyway?

1854 Next Is Safari most popular mobile browser with nearly two thirds of the market, far ahead of Android's 27 pc market share. Glad I'm part of the 9 pc who use alternative browsers like the great Opera Mini.

1852 Note that the demo is done on the iPad rather than the iPhone. Feature 3 is Twitter. One billion tweets sent per week from iOS. Now integrated with many native Mac App like Camera and Photos. They might just as well have purchased it and merged Twitter with Ping

1849 Next major features is Newsstand which as its name implies will allow subscriptions to things like magazines etc. Slide shows loads of known names including Telegraph and Der Spiegel. More demos....

1845 1500 new APis, 200 new user features, 10 key features; first up is new notifications system. It won't be persistent and will aggregate all the notifications in one place. More demo time...

1844 225 million iOS accounts worldwide all with CC details and one click purchasing

1843 130 million books have been downloaded through the Apple iBook Store, 90K iPad app on the market, 14 billion Apps downloaded & $2.5 billion given back to developers, that's roughly 15c per app.

1842 iOS represents 44 per cent of the mobile installed base. 15 billion songs have been purchased through iTunes making it the biggest music retailer in the world.

1841 Next up is Apple iOS. 200 million units sold already. Scott Forstall on stage BTW. Say that 25 million iPad 2 have been sold in 14 months.

1839 4GB download (ouch), $29.99 buying price (yeah!), installs in place. Available in July, not on the 14th of June as some in the press have mentioned. Developer preview available now.

1835 Schiller back on stage, enticing users to move from Windows to Mac. Apple will help Windows users migrate. Lion will offer 3000 new APIs and will only be available to download from Mac App Store, no more discs. Kind of kills the business model of brick and mortar. I can hear them gasping for air.

1833 More demo time, this time for mail. It will be over very soon.

1829 9th super duper feature in Mac OS X 10.7 is Airdrop while the last is a completely new version of Mail which makes it look a lot like iOS Mail on the iPad.

1828 Nothing interesting happening really at this stage. A lot of demonstration going around which is quite surprising given that the whole event should take around 90 minutes.

1824 As expected, only the changes are saved rather than multiple copies of the same files.

1822 It will be interesting to see whether Autosave bypasses the autosaving features of applications that already have it.

1821 Next key features; resume, launchpad and autosave, which have been covered already.

1821 FYI, for those keeping track of these things, Apple Store US and UK are still up

1820 App Store is included in Mac OS X Lion, will support in app purchases, push notifications, sandboxing & delta updates etc.

1820 Schiller says that Mac App Store is already the most popular place to buy PC software ahead of Behemoths like Best Buy, Walmart and Office Depot respectively. One startup, Pixelmator made $1m in rev in 20 days.

1818 Schiller is back to talk about Apple Mac App Store

1816 Photobooth next up with some interesting new features, facial recognition and 3D

1812 Pretty staid until now TBH. About to get even more slightly boring with some demos.

1810 Full screen apps is number two followed by Mission Control which unifies Expose and Spaces.

1807 Next up is Lion which has 250 new features. First one is Multitouch.

1806 Schiller takes dig at PC industry which shrunk by one pc last year while Mac grew by 28 pc.

1805 54 million Mac users worldwide. Shows a nice graph with a near constant gradient.

1804 Jobs confirms that software will be the focus of the keynote. Phil Schiller takes the floor.

1803 WWDC sold out in less than two hours with 5200 seats purchased in all.

1802 Classic Jobs onstage : black turtleneck and blue jeans.

1801 We're off and the closest thing to God, Steve Jobs, takes the stage.

1758 The show is about to begin.

Don't forget to follow us live for the coverage of the Apple event later today, right here, when Steve Jobs reveals everything about the iOS 5, the iCloud, Mac OSX 10.7 "Lion" as well as a potential surprise "one more thing" announcement.

While we can't make it physically to the event, we will be working just as hard to ensure that our readers get the full coverage and analysis of the launch.

Apple has not yet taken down its online stores ahead of the launch, which may could mean that there won't be any products or services readily available at launch today as it was the case for the iPad 2 in March 2011. will be covering and commenting on the event as and when it happens from 1800 GMT tonight.

We're still waiting for Apple to release a new version of the iPhone, possibly known as the iPhone 4GS but this is likely to be just another elusive possibility.

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