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Google Acquires PostRank To Strengthen Its Social Media Services

Google has moved to acquire social media analytics firm PostRank and plans to incorporate the company into its future social media strategy.

PostRank announced the acquisition on its blog but did not disclose the financial details of the deal.

The company provides real-time data on the number of comments, tweets, bookmarks and other social responses that a particular piece of content or information has been able to generate on the social web, PC World (opens in new tab) reports.

PostRank offers tools that let businesses measure the response received a particular item either posted by them or related to them. The tool is primarily used by advertisers, publishers, developers and consumers to gauge the response of the online market to a particular product.

The company should integrate nicely with Google’s existing and future strategies as it continues to make its online products more social.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we now look forward to working with Google’s team to build more useful tools for measuring engagement online, and we’ll be sure to share details on our progress in the coming months,” the PostRank team said in a blog post.

These analytics are an important way to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns, which many traditional companies continue to view with skepticism.