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How Apple Could Bring iOS To The Desktop

The iPad is an invention that will definitely open the way for desktop touch tablets.

Apple is expected to introduce Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud at WWDC which are the perfect tools for desktop tablet computing. The teaser for Lion also points in this direction: “The power of Mac OS X. The magic of iPad.”

The new iOS will bring improved touch gestures, possibly executed on the Magic Trackpads or MacBooks’ Multi-Touch trackpads. The gestures will certainly be moved to on-screen direct touch when Apple thinks the right moment has come. Lion could also expand windows to full-screen mode, just like other MPG (multi-touch, physics and gestures) interfaces do.

Google also introduced "Ice Cream Sandwich” in May, an Android OS able to run on any device, irrespective of size, and Microsoft unveiled its plans for the transition to desktop touch tablets in a demo video (opens in new tab) for Windows 8.

The switch from WIMP to MPG in desktop touch tablets in just around the corner. Companies should make the transition as smooth as possible and let customers use both WIMP and MPG apps at the same time, thus reducing the radical change shock.

One thing is sure: Apple’s pride won’t allow the company to lag behind other competitors in terms of desktop touch tablet progress.

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