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iCloud Will Be "The New iTunes", Report Says

iCloud should not be perceived as a new extension of MobileMe, but customers should "think of iCloud as the new iTunes", respected Apple blogger John Gruber (opens in new tab)reported citing one of his reliable sources.

Syncing will no longer be routed through a desktop app but through the Internet which will give iOS devices more freedom from computers.

Apple made an accidental reference to an iOS 5 automatic app syncing feature a few days ago but full details are still unknown. Meanwhile rumours continue to thrive on the subject and some even suggest that iCloud could be used for home folder synch while a Time capsule could act as a host.

Users have also requested over the air firmware updates that would allow them to use iOS devices without having to connect to iTunes first. The feature would be very useful since it would reduce the need for syncing. However, light synching would only be available for apps, e-mail, calendars etc, while music syncing will likely be charged due to licensing costs.

An Apple cloud service could wipe out Android’s edge over iOS. Android users have been able to by apps on the web and have them sent to their phones since Android 2.2 was launched. Contacts and mail syncing for Android have been available for free from the beginning.

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