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iOS 5 Could Include Automatic App Updates

According to a recent report, iOS users are likely to get automatic application updates as the company prepares to launch the upgraded version of the operating system platform at the World Wide Developers Conference.

The report first surfaced on the website Mac Rumors (opens in new tab), who claimed that a hint from inside the iTunes-app update page was pointing towards delivering automatic updates in bulk, instead of a manual, one-update-at-a-time approach.

Also, a message reportedly appeared for a brief period in iTunes that hinted about the change before being taken down by the company.

“If your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync,” the message read.

Apple however, has not made any official comment on the issue. But as observers have pointed out, the current version of iOS does not feature any settings as mentioned in the message.

As of now, users can update their iOS applications either through sync, or through manual downloads from the App Store itself. Automatic updates wouldn't require any sort of new technology, and would simply represent a new model on Apple's part. It's also possible that automatic updates will become one of multiple update options available to iOS users.