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Lady Gaga And Eric Schmidt Invest In New Social Networking Platform For Celebs

Popstar Lady Gaga and Google chairman Eric Schmidt have invested around a million dollars in a company started by Gaga’s manager Troy Carter that will be launched by the end of the month, The New York Times (opens in new tab) reports.

Tomorrow Ventures has led a round of angel funding worth more than $1 million. Lady Gaga, who is acting as an advisor, has also invested in the company and owns a 20 percent share in the start-up.

Backplane will allow communities of musicians, sports teams and other celebrities to communicate with their fan base from a single platform and will incorporate feeds from Facebook, Twitter and .

The idea for the start-up apparently came from a meeting that Troy Carter and Lady Gaga had with Apple CEO Steve Jobs when he asked for their feedback on Ping, Apple's social music-centered social network. Carter asked fellow tech investor and entrepreneur Matthew Michelsen to look for a platform that celebrities could use, but Michelsen suggested starting a new platform from the ground up.

With this fresh round of funding, that platform might get launched by the end of June.

Carter, apart from being Lady Gaga’s manager, has also invested in tech start-ups like, Lumier and TinyChat.