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Microsoft E3: Kinect Fun Labs Launches Today

At E3 today, Microsoft showed off three exciting features of Kinect Fun Labs that will be available to all the Xbox 360 users once it launches later in the day today.

The first demo presented the feature through which Xbox Live avatar could be created. The avatar creation demo called Kinect Me allows users to snap pictures of their face and render it as a Xbox Live avatar. The feature is no different from what Nintendo was able to do with its Mii Maker for 3DS but, the results seem to be more sophisticated.

Finger tracking was the second feature that was showed off. Through the use of finger tracking users can use their finger tips and draw in 3D space. Once the drawings are complete, they can then upload them to

The final cool feature lets users snap pictures of objects in real world from different angles and through three-dimensional rendering render the object into a 3D model. According to Microsoft, this feature would enable users to render real-world objects and use them in games to have a more realistic feeling during the gameplay.

Few other demos which were not shown in the keynote include Virtual Conductor, Keyboard anywhere, Hands Puppet and 3D Music Visualiser.