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More than just a meeting: The cement of business

Meetings are a big part of the fabric of our working lives, and it is important to remember that today’s company meetings are not just about bridging geography; they are the medium through which symbiotic business relationships are cemented.

We are seeing that the companies that survive and prosper in a recession are those that look to the future, and have a business mission that is cemented within the culture of the organisation and employees. Convening with colleagues is a proven way to bond workers and bring them together to deliver this mission, motivating employees to buy into the organisation values.

In the main, meetings that are well designed and executed to meet specific goals can greatly contribute to company profits and the benefits include improving employee engagement, immersing staff into the company culture, increased job satisfaction and higher employee retention.

Employees are most productive when they feel engaged with their brand. The emotional association that comes from being involved in their work and their company’s mission result in a commitment that makes the workforce more dedicated to their jobs.

This makes staff more productive, which in turn means that the employees are more profitable to the company. Research has shown that engaged employees are more productive, reliable, build stable client relationships, stay with the company longer and contribute more to company profitability than non-engaged employees. Company meetings are a powerful tool that organisations can use to engage their employees.

James Campanini
James Campanini is the VP & GM for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region. He joined BlueJeans Network with over 22 years networking experience and is responsible for continuing the growth of BlueJeans throughout the EMEA region.