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Motorola CEO Claims Open Android, Bad Apps Damaging Smartphones

The poor apps available in the Android Market due to the openness of the Android platform are responsible for around 70 percent of Motorola Smartphone returns, it has been claimed.

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha, speaking during the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology Conference, claimed that poor quality apps available for Android caused devices’ performance to suffer, prompting people to return the devices.

He said that the Android Market lacks the control measure that can be used to fish out low quality apps. Jha also blamed the background running feature of Android apps that drained the device’s battery life and caused the processor to slow down.

“Anyone can put an application on the Android Marketplace ... without any testing process. Seventy per cent of devices are coming back because they have downloaded a third-party application, and the effect that has on performance,” Jha moaned as reported by CNET.

“For power consumption and CPU use, those apps are not tested. We're beginning to understand the impact that has,” he continued.

Open nature of Android has long been a source of contention for both device makers and developers. The quality of apps on Android is somewhat low in comparison to those available on the App Store, thanks to Apple’s stringent control over the app approval process.