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New Steve Jobs Biography Is Being Heavily Preordered

Amazon has started offering the official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on pre-order, eight months before it is expected to be released.

Written by notable biographer Walter Isaacson, the book is titled ‘iSteve : The Book of Jobs’ and is the result of three years of research done by the writer.

Isaacson, who is the CEO of the Aspen Institute, is the author of ‘Benjamin Franklin: An American Life’ and of ‘Kissinger: A Biography’, and the coauthor of ‘The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made’.

Jobs has turned down a number of other would-be biographers over the years, and it's not known why he decided to allow Isaacson so much access, but clearly Isaacson has gained the trust of Jobs and the people around him; the book contains interviews from Jobs, his family members and friends, notable colleagues at Apple and his competitors.

Amazon is offering the book for $19.80, a $10 discount from the original price, while the Kindle version is being offered at $14.99.

According to an article on Forbes (opens in new tab), Amazon’s promotional campaign seems to have paid off, with the book coming at the number one spot in several book categories including ‘Biography and History’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Business’.