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Noon News: Groupon Posts Massive Revenue Increase, Charge iPhone With Solar Powered Bikini, Office 365 May Launch By June End

Deal-of-the-day website Groupon reported that its revenue for the first quarter of the 2011 fiscal year is close to $645 million. This is a significant increase for the company, which made about $713 million during the entire 2010 fiscal year. The data was made available by the company barely a week after it had taken the first steps towards going public.

Apple has reportedly hired the iOS developer behind the popular MobileNotifier app for jailbroken iPhone devices. The MobileNotifier is generally regarded as a huge improvement over Apple’s existing notifier for the iPhone and Apple seems to have realised that.

A researcher from New York has come up with a new way for beach goers to keep their iPods and iPhones charged at the beach, when an open socket is nowhere to be found. Inventor Andrew Schneider has designed a solar-powered bikini that can charge iPods, or any other standard USB devices.

Microsoft is planning to launch the cloud-based version of its popular Office productivity suite by the end of June. Office 365 is a cloud based version of Office suite which comes with World, Excel and PowerPoint. The online platform is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Docs, which is being seen as a credible threat to Office's longtime dominance.

Nearly half of the new entries to Oxford Dictionary Online are inspired by technology or online slang. Words like ‘ZOMG’ and Twittersphere’ are among the 35 new words or abbreviations that have made into the online dictionary. ZOMG is particularly used in social networks as a sarcastic comment made on a post by an inexperienced user.

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