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Possible iPhone iOS 5 Notification Bar Leak

The long-awaited WWDC 2011 starts today and we will finally get to see what surprises Apple has in store. One recent leak (opens in new tab) apparently showing the notification bar on Apple’s new iOS 5 is available on the web probably thanks to a developer who received an early copy of it. However, Apple fans should not get too excited by this news since the leak could be fake.

The new iOS 5 could include Twitter integration and a revamped notification system, rumours suggest. It appears that the leak really shows a trace of both.

Facebook integration, new Maps app or built-in Nuance voice command recognition have been hinted as new features but the leaked image does not display any of them. Maybe Apple has decided not to use them at all or is keeping them secret till the official introduction.

The new leak may not look as impressive as previous mock-ups but "...this way of doing things would be much better than the current pop-up method for Push Notifications", TechCrunch remarks in response to the leaked notification system.

The good news is that users won’t have to wait too long to see if it is genuine or not since Steve Jobs will soon take the WWDC floor and deliver his keynote.

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