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Ryse, Crytek’s First Kinect Game Revealed At E3

Microsoft’s E3 witnessed the release of Crytek’s first Kinect based game called Ryse, which uses motion control for melee combat. Ryse is a hack ‘n’ slash game set in burning Rome.

A CGI trailer along with a voice over “struggle to survive” was released to unveil the game.

From the clip it was evident that gamers will be able to utilise different gestures through Kinect to invoke melee attacks and shield blocks. One such gesture would allow the users to swing their arm and attack on the on-screen enemies. The attendees were treated with a gameplay trailer as well which strongly depicts the medieval era in which the game is set.

As of now, no other concrete details or release dates have been provided regarding the gesture based game. Previously, the game title was Codename: Kingdoms and made its debut in the previous E3 conference last year but, it never materialised until now. It is believed that as E3 progresses, more information may be dished out to satisfy the anxiety of the attendees.