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Samsung Drops 3D TV Price To Under £400

The price of 3D-capable television sets has dropped significantly since the first models were launched around 18 months ago, with the cheapest product now available for £399.98.

The Samsung PS43D490 (opens in new tab) is a decent 43-inch Widescreen HD Ready 3D Plasma TV with Freeview and not much more; corners had to be cut to keep the 3D experience at its most basic.

Samsung does that by offering an XGA resolution (that's 1024x768 pixels or around a third of what a full HD panel can display).

The rest of the specification is pretty much standard; it has a built-in 2D to 3D converter, integrates Sasmung's own AllShare, Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and Connect Share Movie technology as well as four HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, a Clear Image panel and 600Hz Subfield Motion technology.

It is odd that Samsung has chosen to deliver a 43-inch rather than a 42-inch model, which might be down to the fact that it makes it more difficult to get a straight forward comparison with rival models.

Samsung has also dropped the price of 3D glasses (at least at Amazon), with a pair (the SSG-3100GB) costing under £90.

We suspect that 2011 may well be the year when 3D joins the ranks of Picture in Picture or DLNA as one of the nice but not compulsory features to have on any decent modern television set.

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