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Sony's European Subsidiary Hacked Again, No Private Data Compromised

The unrelenting cyber attacks against Sony continue with the company’s European subsidiary website falling victim to yet another security breach.

Sony admitted the incident taking place, but reassured its users, reporting that for once no confidential personal information had been compromised during the attack.

"All the data that the hacker seems to have copied was information already available on the company website," said Sony spokesperson Mami Imada, Computer Weekly (opens in new tab) reports.

These repeated attacks on the company’s worldwide network have not only bruised Sony's ego, but also damaged its market standing.

According to an AFP report, Sony’s share prices registered more than a three percent decline on Monday following the latest online attack on its European unit’s website.

The company acknowledged late on Friday that some parts of its Sony Picture Entertainment website were breached. The news came barely a week after it restored its PlayStation Networks throughout the US and Europe.

The trouble started with the now infamous April 20 attack on Sony's PlayStation network, apparently in retaliation for suing PS3 jailbreaker George Hotz. Since then hardly a week has passed without a serious attack on some part of Sony's infrastructure.