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Xbox Kinect Lets Players Duel With Lightsabers And Use The Force

Xbox 360 maker Microsoft is expected to introduce several new games during the E3 conference that will enhance gamers’ Kinect experience.

First up is a new Kinect game on Disneyland, which will allow Kinect users to take a virtual tour of the popular Disneyland theme park in California, USA Today (opens in new tab) reports.

Reportedly, the Kinect game will present users with a carbon copy of the theme park and will allow them to interact with popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minni Mouse and Donald Duck, but users will be able to glide through the theme park instead of merely walking around.

Another Kinect title which is expected to be revealed is the Sesame Street game, which will allow parents to visit the much-loved street with their kids and interact with popular characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster.

For a more mature audience, Microsoft will unveil the long anticipated Kinect Star Wars, which will allow gamers to duel with lightsabers and slash enemies to bits. Using motion controls, gamers will also be able to use the ‘Force’ to blast objects, lift them and move them around.

Kinect uses motion detectors to create a controller-free gaming experience that competes with the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation Move. It is aimed mostly at casual gamers.