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£69.99 Xenta 5.1ch Surround Sound Home Theatre System

The Xenta 5.1ch Surround Sound Home Theatre System is a perfect choice for those who want quality and theatre-like audio with their movies, games and music. In spite of being equipped with a wide range of futuristic technologies, not to mention about the innovative and attractive design, the product is priced at a fairly reasonable amount. The system comes in two different colours - black and silver.

The product brings along with it a high-quality 5.1 channel cinema system with remote control. The subwoofer output stands at 50 watt, while that of the centre and surround speakers’ sums-up at an impressive 75 watt (5 x 15 w).

The FM frequency-response range is 87MHz to 108MHz, while the same for the subwoofer and the speakers stand at 40Hz~250Hz (±5dB) and 200Hz~20kHz (±5dB) respectively.

The volume control, located at the front of the subwoofer is easily accessible, while there is another extra bass-control knob at its rear.

There is also a VSB display placed at the subwoofer which lets you set, as well as access your settings quite at ease with the remote control.

The Xenta 5.1ch Surround Sound Home Theatre System can be purchased from ebuyer for £69.99 (including vat).