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AMNews: Android Apps Destroying Smartphones, Voice Service For Xbox Launched At E3, Kinect Fun Labs

The poorly tested apps available in the Android Market due to the openness of the Android platform are responsible for around 70 percent of Motorola Smartphone returns, it has been claimed. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha, speaking during the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology Conference, claimed that poor quality apps available for Android caused devices’ performance to suffer, prompting people to return the devices.

Making another significant leap in offering its services in the domain of health care services, Hewlett-Packard, the largest computer maker in the world has announced on Monday that it is going to assist Botswana’s health-care units to fights against malaria - the disease that takes thousands of lives each year in the country.

E3 witnessed the launch of voice search with Bing on Xbox 360 which would enable users to find entertainment of their choice quickly and easily. Bing on Xbox 360 searches through Sky and Zune along with music, video and Xbox Live Marketplace to bring to users the entertainment of their choice.

At E3 today, Microsoft showed off three exciting features of Kinect Fun Labs that will be available to all the Xbox 360 users once it launches later in the day today. The first demo presented the feature through which Xbox Live avatar could be created. The avatar creation demo called Kinect Me allows users to snap pictures of their face and render it as a Xbox Live avatar

Moshi Monsters, the popular online gaming and virtual pet website, can now boast of having over 50 million users worldwide, site owner Mind Candy announced. Half of children in the UK aged 6 - 12 own one of the virtual pets, with more signing up all the time. Growth is strong outside the UK as well; a new child buys one of the Moshi Monsters every second, according to Mind Candy.

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